Proudly Serving the Property Insurance Industry of Louisiana

The Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (PIAL) is a private, non-profit association composed of all insurance companies licensed to write fire and certain coverages within the State of Louisiana. Founded by its member companies in 1888, PIAL has been in continuous operation for more than 130 years.  PIAL is funded solely by assessment of its member companies and functions in three primary ways:

PIAL grades municipal areas in terms of fire protection (Public Protection) capabilities for the purpose of fair insurance rating of the graded areas;
PIAL inspects (upon request of its member companies) any commercial building located in the State of Louisiana for the purpose of fair pricing of individual risks;
PIAL files advisory rates and forms for property coverages in the State, subject to review and approval of the Louisiana Department of Insurance.

Pursuant to its statutory authority under Louisiana R.S. 22:1460, the Association is dedicated to promoting and maintaining a healthy and competitive property insurance market in the State of Louisiana for the benefit of the insuring public.