How To Become A Member

The Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (“PIAL”) is a private, non-profit member association composed of insurance companies authorized to write fire insurance in Louisiana. Every insurance company authorized to write fire insurance in Louisiana must maintain membership in PIAL. Membership in PIAL provides three principal benefits for its member companies, all at no additional cost beyond the annual assessments and subscriber fees:

First, membership in PIAL includes access to PIAL’s property inspection services and database at no additional cost. PIAL performs property inspections on commercial buildings statewide at no charge to its member companies, and then maintains that information in its proprietary database, called RAPID (Rates and Property Inspection Database). Member companies and their agents can access RAPID at no cost on a 24/7/365 basis to order inspections, and to review the data maintained in RAPID.

Second, membership in PIAL includes access to statewide Public Protection Classification information at no additional cost. PIAL grades the fire districts in Louisiana, determines the PPC, and makes that information available to its member companies in RAPID, through monthly updates and, after verification of system security, through an API portal directly into its member companies’ systems for real time access.

Third, membership in PIAL includes the adoption and use of advisory rates and forms at no cost for the following lines of business:

  • Commercial
  • Businessowners
  • Dwelling
  • Farm
  • Homeowners (forms and manuals only; rates excluded)

PIAL member companies can choose to utilize these advisory forms and rates, or may file for a deviation with the Louisiana Department of Insurance. PIAL also provides its member companies with advance notices of circulars, bulletins and the effective date of upcoming filings, either hard copy notification or, beginning on June 1, 2017, through electronic notification and an online filing library maintained within RAPID.